Robberies increase from daylight to standard time

Professor Nicholas Sanders from William and Mary completed a study with University of Virginia professor Jennifer Doleac, and it found that from daylight to standard time, robberies jump seven percent to 27-percent in that sunset hour.

"The majority of those are really concentrated in the hour of sunset, which is to say six, seven o'clock in most areas is the hour that sees the biggest change in the amount of light that's present -- it's the largest changes in crime," says Sanders.

Eastern Market commuters agree that it seems natural crime would increase.

"The quicker it gets dark, the quicker they can do the things they want to do and maybe be successful at it," says Ed Hainsworth.

The study found no difference when it comes to gaining an hour of daylight in the morning – and one reason is that the professors believe criminals aren’t early risers.

"In the morning, the criminals haven't' had their coffee!" says Sanders.