Rashad Pinkney's mother speaks out

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJLA) - Outside a raging party early morning on December 21, someone got mad in Upper Marlboro and pulled a gun.

"Just decided to randomly start shooting because they wasn't letting anyone else into the party," said Rashad Pinkney's mother, Jeanine.

As the bullets flew, 19-year-old Rashad and his friends ran for it. About a block away, Pinkey was hit before he collapsed and died.

"I lost my joy, you know, my baby boy," his mother said.

Investigators are convinced Pinkney was not the target and simply a bystander. But they still apparently have no clue about who opened fire.

On Wednesday, Pinkney’s grandmother Dorothy reflected on who could take a life so callously. She is angry and outraged:

"If they kill once, they gonna kill again. Because they got no conscience you know. “

The Pinkeys believe someone has to know who decided to riddle an entire neighborhood with gunfire, and they are pleading for someone to come forward.

Jeanine Pinkney also wishes she had answered differently when her son asked to go to the party:

“If I could rewind it I would say, 'You don't have to go you know, stay home and chill with me...' I wish they would find who did it so I could get some closure -- to know him was to love him. He saw the good in everybody, he was selfless."

There is a $25,000 reward being offered for anyone who comes forward with information.