Prince George's County Police shoot suspect after foot chase

Photo: John Gonzalez

CALVERTON, Md. (WJLA) - Police in Prince George's County shot a man early Tuesday morning after responding to a call in Calverton.

Prince George's County Police spokesperson Julie Parker said police responded to a call at 11926 Twinlakes Drive at 2 a.m. from a woman who said she could hear another woman outside yelling at someone else to get off of her.

Upon their arrival, police discovered a woman who appeared to be injured and a man who fled on foot. After a quarter-mile foot chase, the officer caught up to the suspect. Police say the suspect refused to obey commands and the officer shot him.

A witness who lives in a nearby apartment complex said she heard two gunshots, but it is unclear if the suspect and police exchanged gunfire or if the officer fires his weapon twice.

"We've got this large crime scene,” said Parker. “Our forensic investigators are pouring over this scene."

The victim received treatment from Prince George's County emergency medical services on the scene and was not transported to a hospital. The woman reportedly knew the suspect.

The officer, a seven-year veteran of Prince George's County Police, was not harmed.

For eight hours, crime scene tape kept onlookers out and investigators in.

Mother Francisca Esteved heard the gunfire in a neighborhood full of children.

"When I heard the first one I woke-up and said wait a minute, what happened,” she says.