Prince George's County liquor stores targeted in robbery spree

Prince George's County police say a recent robbery spree is targeting liquor stores in the area.

Investigators say the same suspects struck three businesses in Suitland, Landover and Riverdale.

On Sept. 4, two men posing as customers entered David's Liquors in Landover before pulling a gun and announcing they were robbing the place.

Police say the same suspect struck again Sunday, Sept. 23. This time it was Base Liquors in Suitland.

"I was so in shock...," said a Base Liquor employee who asked that her identity be protected.

"They took both of us to the back...and said...give me the safe number and we don't know anything," she continued. "They tied us, and they say they are going to shoot us in the head."

Tuesday morning, the duo took their spree to East Pines Liquor store in Rivedale and used the same guise. All three robberies also occurred shortly after the businesses opened.

No one has been injured in the robberies, but liquor store employees are understandably nervous.

During one of the crimes, a getaway car was spotted. Police say the vehicle was a white SUV with possible Maryland temporary tags.{ }

If you have any information that can help police, call police at 301-772-4905.