Posto restaurant employee shot in stomach in NW D.C.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Massimo Fabbri owns Posto restaurant and is the executive chef at Tosca in downtown D.C. He says he cannot believe that one of his longtime employees was shot without warning during a robbery attempt because he didn’t have any cash.

"It is incredibly scary," he says. "If he had the money, would he had given it up? Absolutely. I've known the guy for a very long time and he is a very gentle person, very kind -- he's not the kind of guy who would put himself in a situation of danger."

The 29-year-old employee who was shot had just finished his shift at Posto on 14th Street. About two miles away on his way home just after 11 p.m., police say a man dressed in black walked up to him and demanded money. When he said he didn’t have any, the robber pulled out a gun and without saying a word, shot the worker in the stomach.

Residents along Spring Road near 13th Street in NW Washington are trying to grasp the fact that the incident happened just outside their homes.

"I am not surprised that this type of thing would happen in this affluent neighborhood -- and it's all because of shoddy police work," says one resident.

"He's a very devoted guy," says Fabbri of the employee. "He's been with us over 10 years now -- I consider him part of the family."

While Fabbri works to help his friend and employee recover, police have a dangerous criminal to catch. As Fabbri said, his employee didn’t have any money to give up – but was shot nonetheless.

"Kinda makes you not want to sleep at night -- it is truly, truly awful," he says.