Positive pregnancy tests being sold online

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - According to first-time expectant mother, Sally Harte, the idea of selling positive pregnancy tests is absolutely wrong.

"I think it's a little disgusting," she says. "To take such a joyous moment and sell it to somebody whose just going to use it for trickery? I would never do it."

But other pregnant mothers are actually doing this – taking the test for other women and selling them the stick with the positive indicator on it. Some pregnant women are even going as far as to sell their urine online.

ABC7 checked Craigslist and found ads from several local women. Like this one from a Silver Spring woman who says she’s seven months pregnant, and is offering hers for $20:

"Trick someone with a positive pregnancy test!"

And this one:

"Need your guy to pop the question?"

According to the ad, for just $40, a woman can purchase the positive pregnancy test to try and fool her boyfriend into marrying her.

Our research found that some women are even buying the tests to get money from men – by lying and saying they need it for an abortion.

"A friend of mine actually did that to her boyfriend twice and got $400 from the same guy," said someone we spoke with about such scenarios.

But Claudia Zucker, a family law attorney in Arlington, warns that there could be criminal implications to this scheme:

"Larceny, deceit, trickery,:" she describes. "If you're buying a pregnancy test for the purpose of tricking someone, deceiving someone, defrauding someone either out of money or for false pretenses, certainly criminal statues might be implicated -- both for the person selling it online and the person buying it."

And Zucker also says that a marriage borne from a fake pregnancy test can technically be annulled, so her advice to any woman thinking about buying or selling is this:

"Don't do it. It's just stupid."