Police use stun gun on school cafeteria worker after gun threat

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - An Arlington cafeteria worker is in custody after allegedly pulling a knife on her vice principal Wednesday morning.

The incident placed Barcroft Elementary School on lockdown.

"[The principal] came on and said 'this is a lockdown situation' so we turned off the lights, locked the doors and we hid in the classroom," says Gillian, a 4th grader.

For unknown reasons, police say the cafeteria manager punched an assistant principal several times and poured water on him. While other staff sent word to the school resource officer, police say the woman then pulled a knife on the assistant principal and claimed to have a gun.

“Obviously they did everything they were supposed to do, but I am shocked,” says Katrina Rogers, a parent.

"She was hiding in the same office behind a file cabinet, claimed she had a firearm in her possession, reached for a bag and that is when officers decided to taze her," says Dustin Sternbeck of Arlington County Police.