Police identify body of woman found in Maryland; son accused of stabbing her to death

57-year-old Swanda Ruegenea Dunn. (Courtesy of Charles County Sheriff's Office)

Police say a woman whose body was found in Waldorf on Thursday was stabbed to death by her son.

Initially police were unable to identify the woman and released photos of her tattoos in hopes that someone would know who she was.

On Saturday, police revealed that the woman was 57-year-old Swanda Ruegenea Dunn and they believe she was stabbed to death by her son, 32-year-old Mario Marchell Dunn.

Police say the 32-year-old "is accused of stabbing his mother while they were driving home from a relative’s house" and then dumped her body at Old Washington Road near Smallwood Drive.

The Charles County Sheriff's Office says the 32-year-old was also arrested on Thursday.

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