Ronnell Blakeney leads police on chase in SE

(Photo: Sam Ford/WJLA)

Ronnell Blakeney, a suspected car thief, led multiple police agencies on a chase from Maryland to DC Friday.

In the process, the 22-year-old hit other cars, including a pizza delivery car before being chased on foot.

For at least a half hour, a parade of police cars chased him in a stolen car through the Congress Heights neighborhood of Southeast Washington. An ABC7 crew even swerved to miss them.

People poured out of their houses at the commotion, some young men laughing and cheering for Blakeney, others complaining about the chase being in a populated area.

The chase continued down Alabama Avenue and came to an end as Blakeney was blocked by a Domino’s Pizza delivery man at South Capitol and Mississippi.

He hit the pizza car and disabled his Crown Victoria before taking off on foot. Witnesses say the police stopped him with a canine.

Blakeney, limping heavily, was in custody after a chase that started on the BW Parkway because he was in a stolen car. Park Police started the chase after they confirmed the vehicle was stolen.

The pizza delivery man was taken away by ambulance.

Blakeney faces several charges.