Ndokey 'Peter' Enow: Murder-for-hire plan goes awry, suspect in jail

(WJLA) - Ndokey “Peter” Enow, 38, currently sits in a Montgomery County jail after being charged with trying to hire a hitman to kill his ex-wife.

Residents who live in his Gaithersburg neighborhood wouldn’t talk on-camera, but tell us that Enow had been married three other times and during the time of his arrest, was living with his current fiancée in this home.

Court records show that Enow has a long history of domestic violence, dating back to 2003. In fact, in court on Monday, prosecutors revealed in 2011 that Enow allegedly struck his ex-wife so hard that he fractured her jaw, sending her to the hospital.

Then in 2011, they say he kicked and punched and threatened to kill her on one occasion, later violating a restraining order and posing as his ex-wife’s employer to try to get to her while she was staying at a domestic violence shelter.

Earlier this month, police say he arranged for who he thought was a hitman, to kill the woman. Little did he know that court documents say the man he had offered to pay $1,000 was actually an undercover police officer.