P.G. FEMS officials investigate phone flyer scam

Prince George's County Fire and EMS officials say there's a phony flyer circulating in the community, and someone behind it is trying to con residents out of money in exchange for a fire inspection.

It's now part of an ongoing investigation with the office of the Fire Marshall and County Police.

"They would pose as fire inspectors, present this flyer, someone would pay them $25, which is a lot less money then what we would typically charge," said Prince George's County Fire and EMS spokesperson Mark Brady.

According to Brady, their inspectors will identify themselves with credentials, and a proper inspection follows a certain protocol.

"They can call the fire prevention office, receive the information on how to apply for a fire inspection which requires them to show up here in person, pay up front, and schedule an appointment with one of our fire inspectors," said Brady.

The rules apply to larger establishments like hotels, schools and daycare centers.

It's still unclear who's responsible for the fire inspection hoax. There may be more than one person involved.

If you've received a flyer, contact: 301-583-1830.