P.G. County pharmacy robbers caught on camera

(WJLA) - Store employees say the hold-up happened just after 12 p.m. on Saturday in a quiet Upper Marlboro retail strip. Two men entered the pharmacy, putting on masks and jumping the counter as they pulled out guns.

They demanded cash, prescription drugs, and ordered the clerks to empty the safe as a third suspect guarded the door.

Nearby residents say they normally feel safe in the area, and now police are asking for the public’s help identifying the three suspects.

This is the best camera angle of the man guarding the door. He is wearing a wig and scarf, but you can see part of his face and glasses.

As the two others leave, this surveillance camera captures a close-up of one of the gunmen the third gunman’s face remains hidden by his mask, but you can see his height and build as leaves carrying a bag of cash and drugs.