Operation Karma: 8 arrested in narcotics task force raids in Va.

In four raids, an interagency narcotics task force, based in Greene County, Virginia, has arrested eight people on state and federal charges.

The raids, three in Greene County and one in Charlottesville, were executed with four search warrants on June 1 as part of an operation code-named “Karma,” police said.

The raids followed an 18-month investigation into narcotic distribution, selling and manufacturing related offenses.

Seven of the eight subjects were arrested immediately and an eighth turned himself in the following day. No one was injured during the execution of the warrants, police said.

Initiated by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, the task force included cooperation between the FBI, DEA, Local Narcotics and Gang Task Forces, and the United States Attorney’s Office, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office in Stanardsville.

The operation began to form following a traffic stop by Major Randall Snead of the sheriff’s office in March, said Investigator Tanner Harvey of the Blue Ridge Narcotics and Gang Task Force. A “significant amount of crack cocaine” was discovered.

“Many of the individuals arrested are well known and have been alleged to have been involved in the drug trade in Greene County and surrounding areas for many years,” said Sheriff Scott Haas. “The individuals arrested in this case, in many ways were the head of the business decisions as it relates to the drug trade and other criminal mischief in Greene County.”

Because it’s an ongoing investigation, no names were released.

Haas said there will be more arrests as the operation continues.