NW D.C. break-ins plague neighborhood

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Sharon Huang knows what it feels like to come home and to find out strangers broke in.

She was recently the victim of a break-in where the suspects took what they wanted and left.

"I was actually glad I wasn't home because usually I am home at around that time so that was the biggest relief,” she says.

Her case in the 3800 block of Gramercy Street in NW D.C. was three weeks ago. She recently found out another neighbor on her street was hit last week.

"I didn't realize it was that many people in that short of time frame,” she says.

There were at least seven homes busted into by criminals in Upper Northwest in just three days last week. As sources explained, the area has one of the lowest crime rates in the city. But the rash of burglaries in 72 hours has police and residents on alert.

Mark Downs lives in the 3600 block of Ingomar Street and remembered when his house was burglarized a decade ago. It happened again last week to a neighbor on his street. Police said a suspect broke a window to get in.

"It's devastating,” he says. “You come in and see your house ransacked and your doors are open."

Another part of the pattern: Six of the seven home burglaries in the targeted area happened during the day and in six of the seven cases, the burglars hit houses where no one home.