Nikita Levy accused of videotaping thousands of patients

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJLA) - Thousands of women who visited a Baltimore gynecologist who secretly videotaped and photographed patients will be allowed to join together for settlement talks in a class action lawsuit against Johns Hopkins Hospital, which employed him.

Dr. Nikita Levy is alleged to have taken graphic videos and photographs of nearly 4,000 of his patients during exams.

“They are woman who feel obligated,” says Howard Jane, the plaintiffs' attorney. “They are women who feel humiliated. Their stories echo those of women who have been victims of sexual abuse.”

One of the victims is Tyesha Bell. Dr. Levy was her gynecologist for six years.

“Now I have to find a new GYN somewhere else and that thought of him recording me or possibly recording me, taking pictures of me, is forever etched in my mind,” Bell says.

Levy worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 15 years. His alleged criminal acts were uncovered in February. He took his own life just days later.

Now women who want to remain anonymous have released statements. One says, “I see Dr. Levy’s face as if he were still alive. I don’t think I can come to terms with what he did.”

“I don’t want anyone who knows that I was a patient of Dr. Levy to see me. I’m paranoid about what they may be thinking," another patient says.

Johns Hopkins says the act that they are in settlement discussions is not an indication of wrongdoing. They say avoiding lengthy litigation is in the best interest of the alleged victims.