Nicole Nadine Burner charged with felony child neglect

A woman in Spotsylvania County was arrested and charged with felony child neglect for leaving three children with a car in extreme heat, including a 2-year-old strapped inside.

At approximately 6:20p.m. Sunday, the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office responded to an address off Club Cart Circle in reference to a possible child neglect situation.

A woman on her way to work saw the three children, 13, 4, and 2. The oldest boy was outside the car and the 4-year-old was on top of it. The 2-year-old was strapped inside the car.

None of the children could tell her where the adult had gone.

The witness retreated back inside her home and brought the children water since all had rosy cheeks, appeared to be overheated, and the car was not running with all windows down.

The witness then knocked on doors to find the adult, and eventually the kids’ parent.

Based upon the evidence, Sgt. Assur took the mother, Nicole Nadine Burner, 31, of Ruther Glen into custody took out three warrants against her for felony child neglect.

She was held under a $7,500 bond. The three children were turned over to Burner’s father who responded and picked them up.