New accusations for Potomac doctors indicted for medical fraud

(WJLA) - There are new accusations Wednesday night against two Potomac doctors who have been indicted on charges of medical fraud.

Now, one of their former employees says that the husband-wife duo has been illegally overbilling patients and insurance companies for decades.

Although the current indictment alleges medical fraud dating back to 2008, after seeing our story last week this former employee is sharing her side so prosecutors will look even further back.

According to the alleged victim, doctors Paramjit and Sukhveen Ajrawat have been swindling insurance providers since George H.W. Bush was in the White House.

It was during the summer of 1989 that Bernice Burroughs -- then a 25-year-old single mother -- says she took a billing collections job at the Washington Pain Management Center.

Within days, she claims she caught erroneous invoices:

"And more and more I'd see that come across, where they maybe billed for two pain injections, two nerve blocks, and I'm like, okay, they didn't have any that day...they didn't even see the doctor that day."

Burroughs sat at her desk, pondered the consequences, and then confronted her new boss:

"Look, I can't collect these," she claims she said to the doctor. "I can't do this, you know this is wrong, and basically he told me, 'You know do what you need to do, we'll actually give you a cut of what you collect.'"

Burroughs tells us she quit on the spot, and now some 25 years later, the Prince Frederick resident says she can fully appreciate why she left.

"Eventually you're going to get caught, and when you do, it's going to come down and when you're talking about fraud, there's no statute of limitations and they'll go back from day one, and you'll pay eventually," she says.

Burroughs says she contacted the authorities after quitting -- but without any documentation, they didn't buy her story.

ABC7 has contacted the doctor's defense attorney for comment, but have yet to hear back.