National Zoo teen shooting suspect was part of D.C. gang

(WJLA) - The 14-year-old teenage male suspect in connection with the Easter Monday National Zoo shooting appeared in court on Monday afternoon.

The incident reportedly involved rival crews, or gangs. A group of 40 teens from P.G. County tried to enter the zoo and were turned away by police. As they were leaving, they were seen by part of a rival D.C. crew. The suspect was a part of that crew, and pulled a gun from his waistband before firing into the rival group.

On Monday, the suspect’s mother cried during the proceedings, as the boy was charged with a slew of charges – including attempted first-degree murder while armed, and assault with attempt to kill.

He was arrested at his home on Saturday, and taken into custody on Sunday. A detective testified that the boy and his brother both told police that this boy was indeed the shooter, and that he found the gun about three weeks ago.

Two people suffered minor injuries from the shooting on Connecticut Avenue.