Jamie, Jamahl Jenkins shot to death in D.C.

Photos: Candice Jenkins

A brother and sister were shot to death in Washington early Saturday.

Police say Jamie Jenkins, 28, and her brother, Jamahl Jenkins, 21, were shot in the 5300 block of East Capitol Street around 4:30 a.m. Both lived in Southeast Washington.

"They was good kids," says their uncle, Jefferson Mayfield. "It's senseless, period."

"It's ridiculous," says Octavia Mayfield, their mother. "Now my two children just gone, and for what?"

Mayfield is trying to make sense of a tragic loss, wondering how an early morning purse-snatching could escalate into gunfire that would end the lives of her son and daughter.

"You going to rob somebody and kill them, that's just wrong," she says. "She's a little tiny thing... and you going to shoot her?"

Jamahl was found dead at the scene; his sister died at the hospital.

Family members don't think the robbery was random.

"I think it was a very ruthless act, careless act," says Hettie Chase, their aunt.

The night had started with excitement and promise for Jamie. With her stage name "7 Days," she performed her go-go act at a D.C. club, but her family says later, when she was dropped off in the Clay Terrace neighborhood, two men suddenly appeared.

"She stepped out of the car," Chase says. "They took her purse, her iPod and her cellphone."

Jenkins' family believes Jamie ran in fear to a relative's house and called for help.

"Called her brother," says Jefferson Mayfield. "[Jamahl] got his bike together and rolled over there to see what was going on."

Jamie's family believes the two robbers followed her and then shot and killed her brother.

"She don't have no money," says Octavia Mayfield. "They got a bag full of trash and a little tablet. Why'd they have to die for that? It don't make no sense."

A $25,000 reward is offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

Less than 30 minutes earlier a man was shot in the head in the 1100 block of First Street NW. He was pronounced dead on scene. Police have not given a suspect description or released the victim's name.

Metropolitan Police have not identified a suspect in either shooting.