MPD Chief Lanier: 'SE triple shooting resulted from argument'

(WJLA) - On Wednesday, police tried to get young people to move along and stop congregating in the area where three people were shot on Tuesday in Southeast – two 17-year-old Ballou High School students and a 20-year-old former student.

It’s an incident that D.C. Police Chief Lanier said resulted from an argument, and she expressed confidence that an arrest would be made soon in the case:

"You really cannot carry out a crime on public space today and not be caught on video somewhere -- and that has been tremendously helpful for us."

Video shows the commotion outside, as well as one of the victims hobbling into a store after being shot in the leg. But a number of residents and activists in this area complain that police have allowed dozens of teens to linger here when they should be in school. School had already started when the shooting occurred.

"We can't have students just linger around in the ,we've got to start pushing for them to get inside the building and get to school," says former school board member, Trayon White.

"Their mothers need to take charge of their children -- otherwise they're going to have to pay to bury them," adds ANC commissioner, Mary Cuthbert.

Both the D.C. Mayor and Chief Lanier insisted on Thursday that juvenile violence is falling despite the recent shootings here and at the Zoo. Lanier also addressed questions on strictly enforcing crackdown on loitering:

"There is a fine line between harassing children and trying to keep them safe and pushing them off to school, and believe me, we get criticized on both ends."