Montgomery College shooting threat suspect arrested

A 19-year old Montgomery College student was taken into police custody after he allegedly said he wanted to shoot people for fun following a breakup.

It happened Monday afternoon at the school's Rockville campus.

School spokeswoman Elizabeth Homan says two students reported the suspect to campus security after he allegedly told them his desire to shoot people.

The students said the suspect made the statements because he was apparently distraught about a breakup.

Campus security and Rockville police then tried to track the suspect down.

"[Campus security] only initially had a first name to go on, so they had to identify the last name, and then find out where that student might be on campus," Homan said.

Students say the seemingly normal day was interrupted as police cars swarmed onto campus and officers got out with guns and rifles drawn.

"I was worried," said student Jessica Dudley. "I didn't know what was going on, and nobody else seemed to either."

Officers located the student near the school's cafeteria. He was taken into custody without incident.

Students say he was wearing glasses and appeared bookish.

"I felt like he was one of those chemistry people who are just in their books," said student Deepika Beribal.

"He looked like a normal student you wouldn't suspect of carrying out anything like that," added student Akash Syngal.

Officials say the students who reported the suspect did not think he had a gun, and no gun was found on him.

School officials don't believe students were ever in any immediate danger.

As of late Monday night, the suspect was still in police custody. Rockville police said they had contacted the district attorney's office and were working on possible charges.

Homan said authorities gave the suspect a written order not to go on the school's property for three years unless school officials decided to give him permission to do so.