Montgomery Co. police officer clipped by drunk driver while directing Beltway traffic

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - Captain Paul Starks with Montgomery County Police says that the man who hit a Montgomery County officer is a 58-year-old Baltimore resident who has been charged with a DUI and failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.

Watch closely as this Montgomery County police officer slams the top of a car, and when the driver gets out, shoves the man to the ground.

What happened before and after this incident will be critical to those investigating this seemingly violent scene.

The dispute began with an unrelated multi-car, multi-injury crash on the outer loop of 495 near the Connecticut Avenue exit. Traffic was crawling to one side as police, firefighters, and state troopers worked the scene.

At one point, cones were removed from one of the blocked lanes, and soon afterwards, police say a 58-year-old driver from Baltimore swerved into it, nearly running over a 20-year veteran Montgomery County Police officer who was directing traffic.

A police spokesperson says the officer was grazed by the car, but his injuries were not serious. And after the driver stopped, a clearly upset officer tried repeatedly to open the door, pounding on the vehicle.

It is unclear as to why the driver did not immediately get out, but seconds after, the driver exited the vehicle before being pushed to the ground by the officer.

A firefighter then escorted the officer away from the scene, and police say the officer’s reaction to the situation will be scrutinized in addition to the driver and witnesses being questioned.

"I watched the video once. I haven't had a clear shot at it, so it's hard for me to say what occurred from that angle -- but again, there were people on the ground there and they can be interviewed and give their account of what they saw," said Captain Starks.

In a tweet from Montgomery County Police, the Baltimore man reportedly had a BAC of .22.{ } Neither the officer nor the driver have been named by authorities.