MLK Library robbery of D.C. teen group

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - “Promising Futures” is a D.C. teen group that performs hip-hop shows about life skills for young people. On Wednesday, they were performing at the Martin Luther King Library when their belongings were stolen from the back room.

"I went into the back room and I noticed that my bag was open, and my wallet was open, and the money was gone," said group leader Maranda Ward.

Also missing was a laptop with her doctoral dissertation work. Collectively, the group of teens was missing cash, cell phones, an iPad, and even a jacket. They suspect that some teens watching the show are the culprits.

"Shouldn't expect to come to a library to get robbed -- especially coming to do a show," said Ward.

D.C. Police are investigating the incident, and library officials say there appears to have been some sort of breakdown.

"Really, it's unfortunate this happened and we're going to look at how to improve our procedures along this area," said MLK Library services director, Jennifer Giltrop.

Group members say that as they left the library, one girl spotted her jacket on a youth outside.

"I walked up to him and I said, 'Sir, can I please have my jacket? And he said, 'Oh is this jacket yours? I said, 'Yes, this is my jacket,' but none of the things I had in my pocket were in there."

The teens say police stopped the young man, who claimed someone had given him the jacket; but the officer photographed him and took down his information anyway.