Michael Corbett, a teacher at Pinebrook Elementary in Aldie, arrested for teaching class while intoxicated

ALDIE, Va. (WJLA) - A Loudoun County elementary school teacher has been arrested for coming to school intoxicated.

Michael Corbett, 28, of Leesburg, a second-grade teacher at Pinebrook Elementary in Aldie, was arrested Wednesday by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and charged with drunk-in-public.

According to the sheriff's office, a member of the school personnel contacted the authorities just before 10 a.m. Wednesday after suspecting that Corbett was drunk while teaching.

Parents at Pinebrook Elementary School couldn’t believe the news.

"Every morning, I see him here," said Vanusa Greene. "I'm surprised. Actually, I told my husband: 'That guy's a strange guy.'"

But Wayde Byard with Loudoun County Public Schools adds: "I ask people when they see this story or they see a website with a mugshot -- remember there's a human being there."

ABC7 has learned that this wasn't Corbett's first run-in with the law.

Loudoun County School officials say Corbett moved here from Pittsburgh and had been a teacher at Pinebrook for just two years. He had been in good standing with the school system until yesterday.

School personnel called police, and a check of Corbett’s criminal record shows a background of trouble with the law – starting with an arrest in December of 2012 for possession of drug paraphernalia in Garrett County, Maryland.

In December of 2013, he was arrested and later convicted of a DWI near his home in Leesburg. Corbett was sentenced to 90 days and released on probation. Then in April of this year, he was again charged in Leesburgwith driving with a suspended driver’s license.

Finally, he was arrested yesterday for public swearing and intoxication at the elementary school.

According to his profile page on Pinebrook Elementary's website, this was Corbett's first year as a teacher at Pinebrook. He wrote that in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he had also worked as a teacher for kindergarten, first, third and fifth grades.

"Learning is fun. I am looking forward to joining the Pinebrook community to contribute some wonderful ideas. Together, we can work to make a bright community even brighter!" Corbett wrote in his profile. "My door is always open for you."

Corbett's profile has since been removed from the school's website.