Brookland, Deanwood Metro stations hot spots for crime in 2013

(WJLA) - The Brookland station on Metro's Red Line is the system's most popular hotspot for criminals, according to WMATA's most recent quarterly security report.

The report lists the stations with the highest reported numbers of Part 1 crimes, the eight types of crime most likely to be reported to police, including homicide, robbery, sexual assault and auto theft.

Brookland, which serves the sprawling suburban neighborhood in Northeast along with Catholic University, had 44 reported Part 1 crimes between January and August of this year.

“I can see that,” says Steven Campbell. “I go to Catholic University and we get updates on the weekly about crimes committed at the Metro.”

There were 44 reported crimes at Brookland in the first eight months of 2013.

“I used to work near Brookland and I worked late at night, coming in late, and I never had any problems with any robberies,” says Patricia Wiggins.

The Deanwood station on the Orange Line had 41 Part 1 crimes, and the Minnesota Avenue station rounded out the top three with 40.

The Capitol Heights station in Prince George's County, seventh overall among Metro stations, was the most dangerous station in Maryland. The Orange Line's Virginia terminus at Vienna was the state's most dangerous station and was 10th overall.

The report also showed that nearly 60 percent of of all crimes in the Metro system are thefts of either bicycles or cell phones. Parking lot crime has declined, the report said.

But despite the increasing crime, many passengers say they feel safe riding the rails and using their smartphones.

“It’s not something at the top of my head to really worry about, but if someone was to take my phone, I guess it’s easily replaceable,” says Tiffany Shortbates.

Here's a look at the top 10 stations for crime thus far in 2013: