Md. father who killed infant son doesn't apologize at sentencing in Montgomery County

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) - On his day of reckoning a father convicted of beating his infant son to death gave his closing remarks, but never uttered the words, "I'm sorry."

On February 3, 2014, Adou Kouadio, now 27, of Silver Spring, viscously beat his seven-week-old son, Amir, to death in a twisted attempt to stop the child from crying. Prosecutors say the baby's injuries were consistent with that of a high-speed motor vehicle collision.

“It was violent, it was forceful, it was inhumane, and he caused the death of his son with his own hands," Montgomery County Assistant State's Attorney Debbie Feinstein stated in court.

Prosecutors say that after attacking his son, Kouadio showered, washing off his son's blood. Only then did he call 911. Paramedics took Amir to Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, but quickly transferred the infant to Children's National Medical Center where he was taken off life support and died four months later.

“I know people refer to this as a tragedy, but your honor, this was a murder," Feinstein added. “The defendant’s culpability in this case is absolutely clear.”

Theresa Chernosky of the Montgomery County Public Defender's Office explained how her client excelled at football during high school, briefly attended college, dropped out, and then moved back home with his mother. Chernosky also described Kouadio's on-again and off-again relationship with his father. She then proceeded to rattle off a number of statistics about the ill-effects of single parent homes. For example, boys without an involved father are nine times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to be incarcerated, Chernosky stated.

“It is clear that this event does not define Mr. Kouadio," public defender Theresa Chernosky remarked. "Mr. Kouadio would obviously like the most lenient sentence your honor can impose.”

Chernosky went on to say how her client has grieved greatly over the loss of his son. He missed his funeral services because he was in jail at the time.

Kouadio accepted the opportunity to share his thoughts at sentencing. The 27-year-old rose from his chair and spoke in a hushed tone, saying he loves his three surviving children. He also thanked his supporters for showing up to court. Yet, at no point did he explain why he killed his newborn son or apologize for those deadly actions.

It did not take long for Judge Terrence McGann to cut right into Kouadio, contending he has no one and nothing to blame, but himself. He also questioned where Kouadio's family and friends were in the months, weeks, and days leading up to Amir's death, citing a noticeable "downward spiral."

“A parent’s responsibility is to protect their son. You, sir, were Amir's abuser, tormentor, and murderer," Judge McGann stated. “The evidence points to you manhandling your son as if he was a rag doll.”

The judge asked Kouadio to imagine the sheer pain his ex-girlfriend experienced when visiting the morgue and seeing her son's "mutilated, lifeless, precious body."

“No matter how much time you’ll have after your release; it will dwarf the short time Amir spent on this earth," McGann added.

Judge McGann sentenced Kouadio to 40 years in prison, the maximum penalty he faced under Maryland law for the charge of first-degree child abuse resulting in death. It should be noted that since Amir's murder, the Maryland General Assembly has raised the maximum sentence to life imprisonment, but the law did not have retroactive powers.

With good behavior, Kouadio will be eligible for parole after serving 20 years in prison. He will be in his late 40s at that time.

“I’ve never met a more selfish human being – where you can’t even apologize," Amir's mother, Asli Iman said. "His posture, his demeanor, his actions, it all just radiates guilt."

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