Maurice Featherson murder: Detectives seek four men in video

(WJLA) - Detectives believe the four people getting out of this car before entering a 7-Eleven know something about the murder of 27-year-old Maurice Featherson.

The video was taken in April just moments after Featherson was shot and killed near his mother’s Suitland apartment. The black car and the people inside were spotted leaving the scene of the crime.

Now, detectives are fanning out across the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking questions. They believe Featherson was shot as a result of an altercation with someone, and that this was not a random crime.

However, it’s a small comfort to residents of this community being asked to look at the video and answer questions about a murder.

"It's pretty crazy to me...I thought this neighborhood is safe, wonder why that would happen here," said Keith Slinkey.