Marckel Ross' murder baffles family, friends

A day later there's still no explanation for the murder of Central High School junior Marckel Ross. Ross was shot Tuesday as he walked alone to school along Old Central Avenue.

Investigators don't know if the gunman was alone or how he fled the scene. There were no witnesses, and it appears nothing was stolen.

Ross' siblings say his death makes no sense.

"We cry about it every timeā€¦," Markies Ross, Marckel's brother, said.

Marckel, 18, is the second Prince George's High School student to die at the hands of gun violence in three weeks. On Aug. 22, Flowers High School honor student Amber Stanley, 17, was murdered in her own bed. No arrests have been made in her case.

Just two days ago, hundreds packed a community center looking for answers from police regarding Stanley's death.

At this point, no connection has been established between the murder of the two teens. The crimes occurred miles apart from one another, and the victims and their families don't know each other.

The only similarity - both young people seemed to have bright futures; they took school seriously.

Dennis McIntire said, "Kids that are really trying, striving it's really disappointing to see bad things happen to them."

That sentiment was echoed at Central High Wednesday where grief counselors were available to students. After a day of tears, most students tried to get back to normal.

For Marckel's brother, Ubie Ross, that will take a long time

"Some people probably experiencing life as a young adult going out, partying, college life...," Ubie added. "He never got to experience that."