Rashad Andre Pinkney shot to death in Upper Marlboro

(WJLA) - A teenager was shot to death in Upper Marlboro early Saturday.

The victim has been identified as 19-year-old Rashad Andre Pinkney, of Capitol Heights.

"This is the worst news," says Pinkney's grandmother, Dorothy Pinkney. "I never thought I'd have a phone call like that from my children."

Officers responded to the 11800 block of North Marlton Avenue for gunshots just after midnight. When they arrive on scene, officers noticed the home had been the site of a large house party. Hundreds of partygoers were out in the street.

About an hour later, the teen collapsed on the front porch of a home in the 11700 block, police say. He was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

"Never made it into the party," Pinkney says. "They were standing outside."

Pinkney says it was a drive-by shooting. She says her grandson, his former prom date, and another girl ducked behind a car when they heard gunshots.

"The two girls with him ran... thought Rashad was behind them," she says. "When he ducked to run, that's when he got hit in the chest with a bullet."

Pinkney says her grandson was a new employee at a Shoppers grocery store in Forestville and had hoped to make his family's Christmas bright.

"He just got his first paycheck," she says.

The family learned the house party was advertised on the social media site Instagram. Neighbors say the home where the party was held is currently being foreclosed and has been vacant for weeks. No one knows how the revelers got inside, but a grieving grandmother wants answers.

"Somebody needs to take responsibility for that. Why wasn't the house on a lock box, maybe even boarded up?"

A suspect has not been identified. Anyone with information should call police.

An officer who was controlling the house party was assaulted by a 17-year-old, police say. As the officer was trying to arrest the teen, she pushed into the officer, breaking his leg and twisting his ankle. She is facing assault charges.