Man robbed, stabbed while waiting for the bus in Northwest DC

Man robbed, stabbed while waiting for the bus in Northwest DC (ABC7)

The Metropolitan Police Department is searching for two robbers who stabbed a man while he was waiting for his Metro bus.

The attack happened at the Metro stop near Kennedy Street and Georgia Avenue in Northwest Washington.

The victim was even kicked in the head before the robbers stole his money, debit card and iPhone.

“He’s a great guy. He doesn’t bother anybody,” said the victim’s landlord, James Walker.

Walker said the victim, Nega Torsha, was heading to work early Monday when the robbers struck.

This is a much better neighborhood now. I am kind of surprised,” said Walker.

7 On Your Side uncovered crime stats for a 1,000 foot radius from the bus stop. During the last year, violent crime in the area has decreased, but “robberies without guns” have doubledfrom eight to 16.

“I just hope that they catch whoever did it and that the man is okay,” said Metro bus rider Briana Bland, who also lives in the neighborhood where the attack happened.

Walker said his tenant woke up in the hospital a day after the attack, but the criminals who put him there are still on the streets.

The police have not released a detailed description of the robbers. There are cameras near the spot where the attack happened, but it is not clear if they captured an image of the robbers.

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