Rickley Senning arrested in Florida after allegedly kidnapping, assaulting Montgomery Co. Circuit Court Judge Audrey Creighton

(WJLA) - Rickley Senning, 24, has been charged with several crimes – including second degree assault and false imprisonment after he allegedly kidnapped a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge.

Judge Audrey Creighton tells police it all started last month, when she and Senning got into an argument. They had been living together at the time.

Attorney Joseph Fay is representing Senning, but would not comment on the nature of his relationship with the judge.

According to court documents, this all stemmed from an incident on May 19 when Creighton told investigators that she “contacted Senning to see if he was interested in going out.”

When she got home that night, she says she “observed blood on the floor,” and saw “Senning standing in front of her with a bottle of alcohol” while he was bleeding from his left hand.

Court documents show that “Senning started yelling at Creighton about going out after work,” convinced that she “couldn’t spend that much time at the Target store and that she was doing something else.” It goes on to say that he “pulled her by the hair towards the front door and continued to scream at her.”

She told investigators that he was telling at her to take him to Gaithersburg, and once the two of them got in her car, Creighton stated that she was extremely afraid and at one point, was “in fear for her life and thought Senning would kill her” – adding that he was ordering her to drive faster while calling her a liar.

Creighton told police she was eventually able to turn right into the Harris Teeter parking lot here in Germantown, and jumped out of the car to get away. He reportedly tried to put her back in the car, but she was able to run inside the grocery store for help.

Court documents show that Senning then took off with her car, but didn’t get very far – he was involved in a head-on collision just about a mile away and taken to an area hospital.