Safety with one touch: M-urgency app created by UMD professor

When it comes to keeping the University of Maryland free from crooks and thugs, as of tonight there’s an app for that.

It’s called M-urgency and it is now available for free download by all students, staff and faculty. It’s an app for droid smartphones developed right on campus by a renowned professor.

The idea is simple. A student who feels in danger or sees a problem can pull out their smart phone hit the button to activate the app.

“The basic idea is to make everybody feel secure,” says Dr. Ashok Agrawala M-Urgency Inventor.

Everything is recorded in the campus dispatch center as soon as the link is made. It also gives police an exact location of the caller and the video can be forwarded to responding officers so they know what they’re up against.

“It’s another tool in the kit to keep our campus safe,” University Police Chief Dave Mitchell says.

For students, it’s designed to create a safer campus and provide peace of mind.

“I would definitely want to download it because I live down that way toward the Metro so I kinda get scared at night when I’m walking home,” says student Justine Hunsicker.