Loudoun Sheriff's Office warns residents to avoid telephone scams

Identity-theft scammers have been targeting Medicare recipients, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office warns.

LCSO investigators say a Loudoun resident recently received a phone call from someone posing as a salesperson from a medical equipment provider. The resident was approved for a scooter paid for by Medicare, the caller said.

And then the caller asked for the person’s Medicare information and Social Security number.

The caller was not an employee of the medical equipment company that he claimed to be working for, investigators say.

The caller used a VoIP number, 571-207-9014, and has been involved in prior solicitations, investigators believe.

Law enforcement officers say people should never respond to unsolicited requests for personal information over the phone, including requests to “confirm, verify or update” your information.

Often the callers seem to come from a legitimate institution where the person might have an account.