Librado Cena guilty of assault in Fairfax road rage death

(WJLA) - Before jurors began deliberating Librado Cena’s fate, they heard testimony from one last witness.

Defense witness Quan Hoand said he heard O’Brien say to Cena: “You want more? You want more?”

It all happened on April 16 of last year, when 58-year-old Lee Cena claimed 63-year-old William O’Brien was aggressively tailgating hi on Pickett Road.

During closing arguments, prosecutors claimed that Cena was “aggressively wanting to fight, and that Mr. O’Brien’s fear was reasonable…”

But the defense countered that Cena “only intended to use words” and struck O’Brien in self-defense.

Cena’s attorney argued that his client “exercised poor judgment, but did not commit a crime.”

A medical expert testified that O’Brien very likely would not have died 10 days after the incident if not for the impact of Pradaxa, the blood-thinning medication he was taking at the time.

Ultimately, Cena was found guilty of assault, not of assault and battery. He was sentenced Wednesday to three months in jail and a $2,500 fine.