Leon Young, found dead in Shaw attic, may have killed someone else

(WJLA) - A tarp now covers the source of a foul smell: the decomposing body of 22-year-old Leon Young.

Last Friday, property owners found Young in this Shaw attic before calling the police.

"It was a terrible smell -- that is what they are saying, just awful," says neighbor Johnnie Riggsbee.

Young was discovered underneath a blow-up mattress, and he was naked with a plastic bag over his head. He had been bashed in the skull more than 20 times.

Police have since arrested Young’s roommate, 21-year-old Jeffrey Neal, who told police on June 7 that Young came at him with a Kunai ninja knife before he retaliated by smashing Young in the head with a hammer. Neal then said he panicked, stole Young’s car, and bolted for Mexico. But he soon ran out of money and returned home.

According to investigators, Neal told them that Young yelled out during the fatal fight that he had killed the pair’s third roommate – 23-year-old Delano Wingfield -- who was reported missing June 3 and has yet to be found.

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