Lemonade stand raises money for Frank Hayward III

A Maryland community is coming together to help a 12-year-old boy who lost his family in an apparent murder-suicide.

Frank Hayward III was pulled from his burning home by emergency crews after, police say, his father fatally shot his mother, Cynthia, and 2-year-old sister, Natalee, before turning the gun on himself.

"Nobody was helping him, and I thought I would help him out even though I don't know him," said 11-year-old Hannah Lunzinski.

So she and 13-year-old Isabella Lunzinski, who is one of Hayward's classmate, set up a lemonade stand. With every dollar the duo collects, they hope to help make Hayward's recovery a little easier.

Isabella said, "I felt bad, and I was hoping that he wouldn't, um, go. Yea."

As Hayward continues to recover int he hospital, the lemonade stand in his honor has been booming.{ }

They've raised more than $3,000, mostly from those who have never even heard of Frank Hayward.{ }

Bill Jones of Owings, Md. said, "It's more important to be able to help the young man, because I think a lot of people would turn away from something like that."

Their compassionate spirit has spread. T-shirts emblazoned with Hayward's initials are being sold at EmbroidMe.The t-shirts have raised over $1,500 so far.

Owings resident Bonita Thomas said, "I'm hoping that we can help him out in some way that he can look back and at least find something that's not so negative about what happened."