Latisha Frazier search: Judge denies motion to search for body

A D.C. Superior Court judge denied a motion by defense attorneys that would have forced D.C. Police to search for the body of a woman missing since August.

Judge William Jackson said that the search would not go on for Latisha Frazier, who went missing last summer and whose family was harassed through social networking as they searched for her.

No family members were present at the hearing.

One of the accused in Frazier's suspected murder sought to force the D.C. Police Department to search a landfill for her body. Defense attorneys have hoped that the recovery of the body would bolster their case.

But police officials said that searching the landfill would have a minimal chance of success when compared to the danger and expense of a search.

At a press conference today, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the court "made a proper decision."