Latisha Frazier murder: Brian Gaither sentenced to 32 years

The 25-year-old man who pleaded guilty in the kidnapping and murder of Latisha Frazier was sentenced Tuesday to more than three decades in prison.

Brian Gaither was sentenced to a 32-year prison term on a charge of first-degree murder in the kidnapping and murder of 18-year-old Frazier, whose body has never been recovered.

Frazier's family walked out of court wearing t-shirts with images of the young mother and her daughter as they denounced her killer.

“We got 32 years,” says Barry Campbell, Latisha’s father. “It’s a sigh of relief, but you know I was wishing for more, but God blessed us with that.”

“It’s been almost two years. He never said sorry until today and it didn’t even sound like he meant it,” says James Frazier, Latisha’s uncle.

The Washington resident pleaded guilty in November 2012 in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to the charge of first-degree murder, days before he was to go on trial.

Frazier, a young mother, disappeared from Southeast D.C. in August of 2010. Prosecutors allege she was lured to an apartment to be confronted over allegedly stealing money from a man. Once she got there, authorities say she was beaten, bound and eventually choked to death.

Her body was allegedly dumped into a Richmond landfill after allegedly being dismembered by Gaither and several other suspects.

According to a statement of facts signed by the defendant and submitted to the Court, Gaither was one of the leaders of a group of six young men and women who took part in the murder of Ms. Frazier.

He tried to recant his guilty plea in late February after he realized that entering into his plea deal would not lead to a shorter prison term.