Latest IRS scam targets callers after Tax Day

(WJLA) - This 57-year-old disabled grandmother only works 10 hours a week and lives on a fixed income.

So when Azima Tahir says she got a threatening phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS saying that she owed nearly $1,400, the Woodbridge woman started to worry.

“I said, ‘How can I pay that? I don’t have that kind of money,'" she said.

The caller even threatened to have her arrested if she didn’t pay up.

“He said that there’s a case pending from the IRS that you didn’t report your whole income from 2008-2012, and I said, ‘No that’s not right – they don’t have anything on me, I report even a penny earned.’”

In order to clear her name, Azima says he told her to go to her bank and take out $200 in cash and head to 7-Eleven to make the payment. That’s when Tahir says the red flags went up:

“I can’t believe it’s happened to me…I couldn’t sleep at night.”

Unfortunately, Tahir is not the only victim of this scam. The IRS says that even though Tax Day is over, you should remain on guard for aggressive scammers using scare tactics.

Hassan Mostafarvi, the owner of Rose Kabob restaurant in Vienna, also received a similar call from someone telling him he was behind on his taxes and that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Recognizing it was a scam, he eventually hung up, and now he just hopes others will do the same:

“I want people to be aware of that – these guys are always one step ahead of you.”

It is important to note that the IRS will always send a written notification of overdue taxes by mail.