Khalia Smalley's family, friends celebrate her birthday after shooting

Khalia Smalley celebrates her 7th birthday.

From the sights, sounds, and painted faces, it was like any other child's birthday party -- young smiling faces celebrating Khalia Smalley's 7th birthday.

But in the Parkview neighborhood, they're also celebrating freedom from violence.

"We're trying to let her know it's safe to come back out and celebrate her birthday today," said Bobby Holmes, ANC commissioner.

The message is clear: they won't tolerate it anymore. And they want crime to end.

Back in May, Khalia was in the playground when bullets started flying. She was hit in the leg. The scar is still there as proof.

It's just too much going on with shootings and all the mechanisms that's going on. People need to be held accountable," said Autumn Smalley, Khalia’s grandmother.

Days after the shooting, police released surveillance video, showing several men wearing black hoods exiting a car.

A camera closer to the playground, which could have helped police, wasn't working.

A couple of weekends ago, the community came together. Khalia, her schoolmates, and teachers marched from the playground to a nearby park, denouncing violence.