Kevon Neal sentenced to prison in death of Prince George's Co. police officer

(WJLA) - It started with a botched purse theft at a gas station, during which Kevon Neal hit speeds in excess of 120 miles an hour, weaving in and out of traffic on I-95. The chase took place in August 2012, and ended with a violent crash that claimed the life of one of the pursuing officers, Adrian Morris.

In court on Monday, Neal said he never meant for anything to happen to the officer, and apologized to Morris’ mother.

The judge claimed he was shocked by Neal’s actions, and said he showed a complete disregard for everyone on I-95 the afternoon he eluded the two pursuing officers. He declared Neal to be a menace to the community.

Neal first went on trial in January, but one of the jurors suddenly announced she could not pass judgment on another for religious reasons, leading to a mistrial.

But before a retrial, prosecutors learned that Neal sent a letter asking a friend to kill a witness. But Neal’s attorney has pleaded for lenience, saying he lacked a father figure – something Officer Morris’ mother found to be a lackluster excuse:

"Adrian grew up without a father -- I was his mother and father, and he turned out well. It has nothing to do with a male role model, it's the individual."

Neal was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Monday.