Kelly Gilliss sentenced to 40 years

Photo: Prince George's County Police Department

(WJLA) - A man convicted last October of shooting at Prince George's County police officers was sentenced Friday to 40 years behind bars.

On July 28, 2012, officers Rachael Jacob, Chung Lee and Jose Rosales were working at the Galazy and Cococabana Nightclubs in Langley Park when security alerted them to Kelly Gilliss who was accused of stealing someone's phone.{ }

The stolen phone was recovered from Gilliss' pocket. He was then removed from the club.{ }

As Gilliss was driving out of the parking lot, he slowed down near the officers and fired five shots at them, striking Officer Jacob in the thigh. Officer Lee returned fire, hitting the trunk of Gilliss' car.{ }

Gilliss sped off and eventually hit a curb and flattened his tire, prompting his arrest.

Gilliss was sentenced to 40 years for the shooting.