Judge rules Georgetown student who made ricin must remain in jail

(WJLA) - A federal judge on Monday overruled a D.C. judge's decision that would have allowed the Georgetown University student accused of making ricin in his dorm room out of jail in order to seek psychiatric treatment, the Washington Post reports.

Daniel Milzman, 19, appeared in court last Tuesday, March 25, where his attorneys argued that he had considered ingesting the ricin himself because he was depressed, and that there was no sufficient evidence suggesting he planned to use it to harm another person.

They argued that he wanted it to appear to his family that he had died of a virus and had not committed suicide, as ricin can appear in a person's system to look like a virus.

However, the Post reports that federal judge Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts said he was "troubled" by reports from one of Milzman's friends alleging that Milzman had denied being suicidal, and therefore feared he could be a threat to others.

Judge Roberts reportedly acknowledged Milzman's depression but said it did not definitively mean he didn't consider using it on someone else.

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