Joey Poindexter, alleged sexual predator, victimized young men, according to police

Poindexter is accused of sexually assaulting a man after picking him up at a College Park bar. Photo: Montgomery County Police

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WJLA) - A man who was arrested on allegations that he sexually assaulted a man at his Gaithersburg home last month may have been victimizing men for a decade, authorities believe.

Joey Poindexter was arrested on Oct. 3 on charges that he sexually assaulted a man he picked up at a Prince George's County bar, but they also have suspicions that he may be a longtime sexual predator who has assaulted at least 10 men, authorities believe.

Poindexter, 38, is alleged to have found his latest victim at during a beer pong tournament at Looney's Pub in College Park, just off the University of Maryland campus, according to reports from Montgomery County Police and University of Maryland Police.

He then allegedly took the drunk man back to his Gaithersburg home and assaulted him. Police believe that Poindexter may have been picking up his victims at beer pong tournaments throughout the area.

He was arrested after admitting in a taped phone call to abusing the victim, at which point the case began to grow.

Montgomery County Police say that they've identified 10 victims at this point - one from the Oct. 3 assault, two that have contacted police, another that may come forward soon and six other unidentified victims. Authorities presume that those six people are pictured in images saved to Poindexter's cell phone.

In those photos, the six college-aged men are said to be in various states of consciousness and in compromising positions. Police believe that each of Poindexter's victims were either heavily under the influence of alcohol and didn't know what was happening to them at the time of the assault.

"The victims have all stated that they are heterosexual and have never had consensual sex with another man," Montgomery County Assistant Police Chief Russ Hamill said.

There's no conclusive evidence that Poindexter drugged his victims, but authorities have not ruled it out.

Poindexter may not have limited his assaults to the D.C. area, either. Detectives say that the suspect is a regular at organized beer pong and extreme sports events throughout the region, including travel to Baltimore, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Dallas, Virginia Beach and Salt Lake City.

That leads authorities to believe that there are more victims out there that haven't been discovered.

"The number is going to grow a lot larger at the end of the day when we get the full images downloaded," Hamill said.

At Looney's, where Poindexter allegedly picked up his last victim, the suspect was a regular at Wednesday beer pong nights. Those who know him say he stood out in a college bar because of his age and height.

They never thought, though that he could be prowling for victims.