James Corbin sentenced for violent carjackings

James Corbin, 64, has been sentenced to 15 years for two separate violent carjackings, including one with a pregnant woman, in December 2007.

Prosecutors say Corbin’s first target was a woman and her young daughter who were lost in Southeast Washington. When the woman pulled up next to Corbin and asked for directions, he jumped into the passenger seat, claiming that he lived near her destination. They drove for about 10 minutes when he asked the woman to slow down inside Fort Dupont Park. When he couldn’t grab the keys from the ignition, Corbin ran to the driver’s side door and tried to pull the woman out of the vehicle. He then ran off into the woods, leaving blood smears on the car.

About 30 minutes later, Corbin hijacked a car from a pregnant woman as her boyfriend pumped gas. He took off with her in the passenger seat, telling her he had a gun and would kill her. He punched her in the face and stomach as they drove down Pennsylvania Avenue SE. The victim spilled a bottle of ginger ale onto her lap to fool Corbin that she was having a miscarriage. He slowed down and pushed her out of the vehicle.

Corbin was found guilty in December of two counts of carjacking, one count of robbery, and one count of first-degree theft. His prison time will be followed by three years of supervised release.