James Coleman, Arundel Mills Mall shooting suspect, fatally shot by police

By Sunlen Miller

Three people have been killed and one police officer has been shot and injured, after a double homicide that started at a Dave & Buster's in Anne Arundel last night, and ended in a dramatic neighborhood shootout between police and the suspect today.

As a male and a female left the Dave & Buster’s restaurant last night in Arundel Mills Mall, the two were gunned down shortly before midnight Friday night by a third person. When police arrived on the scene shortly after, the two were pronounced dead and the suspect was at large.

Anne Arundel County Police have identified the two victims as Chonsay Laquez Green, male, 30, of the 4200 block of Torque Street in Capitol Heights, and Jeneen Desiree Dunn, female, 25, of the 7700 block of Hanover Parkway in Greenbelt.

After witness tips, the Anne Arundel police tracked and found a silver hybrid SUV today, which they believed was the suspect’s vehicle.

That vehicle led them to James Edward Coleman, 22, hiding out in his parents’ District Heights home in the 8100 block of Rydal Road.

With Prince George’s County police surrounding the home, Coleman walked out of the front door to confront the police. With an AK47 in one hand and a shotgun in the other, he opened fire on the police.

“I was in the living room and heard like four gunshots and I saw three police cars right in front of the house,” neighbor Raymond Ngh said outside his home today. “That’s really frightening. “

“I heard like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop and then after that it was just over,” another neighbor and witness, Delontyn Dobbins, said of what the round of fire sounded like.

After a fiery back-and-forth of shots, Coleman was shot and killed by the police, on the front lawn of his parents’ house.

One Prince George’s officer, a nine-year veteran of the force, was shot by the suspect in the face, hand, and leg. He is now being treated in a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say they do not have a specific motive as to why Coleman killed two others, but ruled out that this was a random act of violence.

“We believe the victims may have been known to the suspects involved in this,” Major Ed Bergin of the Anne Arundel police said today.

Coleman had a significant criminal background – including multiple robberies, assaults, and prior use of handguns.

Around the Arundel Mills Mall today, the site of the first shooting that set off the suspect’s search and killing, shoppers hit the stores after the scare.

“My family comes out there all the time, so I really hate to see something like that continue to happen around here,” Joe Ned said today in the parking lot near the Dave and Busters.

And near the suspect’s neighborhood, a shock of a different kind so close to home.

“This is just a shocking tragedy just to even know that someone can have that capacity, have an AK 47 and a shotgun. It’s just, just appalling,” a neighbor said.

Another, Nicky Davis, said this incident in her neighborhood makes her want to consider leaving.

“It makes me want to move,” Davis said looking around her neighborhood filled with police cars. “It’s crazy.”

The six officers involved in the shooting include three officers with more than a decade of experience and one with more than 20 years policing experience, according ton to police. Two officers have one and two years police experience, respectively.

One police corporal was injured when the suspect fired his shotgun at officers, Prince George’s police said in a news release.