IRS scam targets immigrants in Arlington

(WJLA) - Shamim Naseer says she got a phone call two days ago from a man claiming to be an IRS worker.

"Ma'am...I'm talking about your unpaid taxes from 2008 to 2012," says the caller.

Almost immediately, she suspected it was the scam she had heard about that is targeting Arlington immigrants.

"My name is Jason Clark...You can write down my badge ID number...My badge ID number is 16108," continues the scammer.

She says he was very convincing, and told her she owed $3,400 in additional taxes:

"And then he said, 'if you don't pay in the next 10 to 15 minutes, we'll take your house, car, bank account, your citizenship...then we will deport you."

The scammer instructed her to go to the bank and withdraw the money while he listened on speakerphone. Then he told her to head to the Falls Church Home Depot.

It was the same trick one of her friends fell victim to recently.

"They told him the same thing," says Naseer. "Go to the store, get a gift card, and put money in there."

Instead, she hung up and called the IRS, and a rep told her that they had received six phone calls prior to hers. In fact, the agency says it has reports of more than 20,000 similar calls, and scammers have collected more than a million dollars.

Naseer recorded her call in the hopes of getting the word out:

"Put it on the news somehow so people know it's fraud."