iPhone 'selfie' could land man in jail

'Selfie' photo found on iCloud

(WJLA) - D.C. Police says the person who took a "selfie" on a stolen iPhone has turned himself in and confessed to the crime. The confession came after someone identified him after seeing our story about the crime Wednesday night on ABC7 News at 11.

The crime victim, whose identity we are not revealing, says that on January 9 while walking in Capitol Hill, two men attacked her from behind:

"All of a sudden, I feel these knuckles hit my head," she describes. "In the beginning of the assault, I thought this was the knock-out game."

The men fled with her iPhone, but not before she got a good look at the person she says stole her property.

"The first thing that came to my mind was get a good description and run like hell," she says.

A few days later, the unimaginable happened after opening up her computer and signing into iCloud:

"I see this man and it's my attacker. And I am terrified and shocked and dismayed and scared and thinking, 'what an idiot.' He took a selfie on my phone not knowing that it would upload to my i-stream."

The victim says she recognized his eyes and says the sweatshirt he was wearing during the attack was the same one he was wearing in the picture.

"He had no idea what he doing. He was being a teenager. He was taking a selfie. Hashtag 'yourdumb'," she says.

The victim says that since the attack, she has been afraid to leave her apartment. She moved to D.C. only a couple of months ago, and now this tech-savvy college graduate is coming forward so that the scales of justice might tip in her favor:

"I want to make D.C. my home and I don't want him to steal my peace of mind."