Ice cream man beaten in Manassas

An ice cream vendor in Manassas is recovering from serious injuries after he was beaten by a group of young men.

Residents in the Georgetown South neighborhood are upset a fixture in their community was attacked. Neighbors told ABC7 the kind, old man sells them ice cream, not out of a big truck, but from a small cart.

According to police, the four teens decided to attack the vendor as he was selling from his cart Tuesday afternoon in the 9300 block of Taney Road.

Eric Hall heard the commotion from inside his house.

"By the time I got to my front window, the cart was tipped over, and the guy was laying here...I ran out the house with the neighbors, and we just tried to help him, you know," Hall said.

Edwin Romero, a customer of the victim, added, "They messed him up right here, like bleeding a lot from his nose right there, his eye was big and purple."

Romero said his entire family often buys ice cream from the man, as do many others in the area.

"You would always hear him coming up and down the street, just to sell ice cream," Abria Croft, another customer of the victim, said.

A witness said the teens took off running in different directions. Investigators are not sure if the four originally intended to rob the ice cream man or not, but they didn't take any money.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. He is expected to be okay.