Maryland: Home invasions made separate crime

(WJLA) - This woman, who asked not to be identified, is a victim of a home invasion in Bethesda in 2012. Speaking through an interpreter, she recounts the horrific attack in Spanish.

“When I was coming out, he came inside and he put the gun in my face,” she describes.

The victim was working as a housekeeper at the time when this man, later identified as Kevin Ray, forced her back into the home and threatened to kill her, the homeowner, and her son.

“I can’t continue telling you what happened, but I was a victim of sexual assault,” she says.

Ray was later convicted of 14 crimes and sentenced to life plus 340 years in prison – but her life will never be the same:

“I still have no recovered from what happened to me…I still continued to be nervous and afraid of things around me.”

In the hopes of trying to deter crimes like this and prevent them from happening to anyone else, state lawmakers – along with prosecutors and victims – fought to create a new law making home invasions a separate crime in the state of Maryland. Burglary connotes property crimes and unoccupied homes, but these victims were stalked, and violent attackers carefully figured out when they would break into their homes.

A photograph of Monique Anderson’s father-in-law in 2011 was taken on the day five gunmen pretending to be police officers forced their way into her home, demanding money and terrorizing her family. It’s a day that still haunts her today:

“It was very terrifying for our whole family, thinking we would be gone at any moment. Every knock at our door, you never know what to expect, so I’m very thankful this law has been passed.”